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Choy Alexander (DJ Rasta) is an open format international DJ with a strong Caribbean background known for his unique style of infusing multiple genres of music into one seamless blend. His passion and love for music has kept it deeply embedded in his heart allowing him the ability to showcase his talent by relentlessly rocking parties and events.

DJ Special J has always had a major love and passion for Hip Hop. When he was younger he would sing along with all the latest songs, as most children do, and was big into hip-hop dancing throughout high school. He has a big appreciation and small talent in graffiti art. It was when he met his longtime friend Misfit Tone, Antonio Bennet, that he had is first exposure to the art of djing.

Charles Sykes born in Jacksonville, Florida where he gained his background in music at a tender age of 11 years. DJ Chuck grew up around music his mom Gloria played musical instruments and his George was a member of the Marching 100 percussion section. Chuck embarked on his new career DJing in Gelnhausen, Germany serving […]

  Ryan Boyd (DJ Bangz214) Has always had the love and passion for Music. Growing up he always wanted to do something that involved Music while growing up in Dallas, TX. In 2015, The opportunity of Djing came his way in Doha, Qatar and has been his lover ever since. He is an open format […]

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