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For veteran musician DJ Prodigee, playing music for others has been his bread and butter for as long as he can remember. He seeks to create unique sounds that explore beyond the horizons of a field saturated with no originality and repetitively, and it is his mission to explore the depths of music and share these record crate gems he discovers along the way, via his carefully crafted and seamless mixing wizardry that is his extraordinary talent behind the decks.

Prodigee is an open format DJ who proudly sports 8 years of experience under his belt, and with over 20 years of being a musician, DJ Prodigee has developed a great sense of dynamism in his sound. This entails a distinct ability to mix a diverse range of tracks that are tactfully selected to suit any given moment or event. With confidence, his mixes take the party goer on a roller coaster of timeless emotions, via an electrifying dance floor journey of exciting peaks and deep, cerebral lows.

His influences span from musical icons as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Swizz Beatz, Timberland, J Dilla and Outkast, cementing his sound as one that is uniquely exuberant and a nod to the era of the classics. While the legends have undoubtedly played a big part in his sound, he stays humble to the craft and truly believes that big or small, there’s always something to be learnt from each and every artist he’s encountered along the way.

Since 2013, DJ Prodigee has served as the official DJ for some of the hottest shows and stations that aired globally on with Riddim Nation Radio, and even had his own Caribbean mixshow and the iMix Show on – the student radio station at Fayetteville State University. If that wasn’t enough, he was also a voluntary DJ instructor where he would teach the art of mixing to station personnel. He was also an official DJ of Hungry Hooligans Boutique, Poetry-In-Motion, LLC, and Jones Entertainment Marketing Firm.

Set on making his mark in the industry, he was the official DJ at the 3rd & 4th Annual iMusic Festival as well as the 2nd Annual iInspire Showcase Concert, both hosted by He was also one of nine winners of the prestigious WZFX Foxy 99 DJ 4 A Day Competition, which consisted of eight other rising DJ stars from the local area. DJ Prodigee held three residencies in Fayetteville, NC. He would perform weekly at Big Apple Restaurant for their Caribbean Night, as well as VerseUs Open Mic and Spoken Word Art Exhibit (S.W.A.E.) Night which were both a monthly rotation. Notably, he was also the official DJ for the Nerd Slam and Indy Finals Slam, a part of the 24th Annual Southern Fried National Poetry Slam held in Greensboro, NC in 2016.

So what’s in store for DJ Prodigee in 2017 and beyond? Not set on staying still, he will continue to push himself musically and professionally and will happily continue to share his love for music with the world. DJ Prodigee is currently looking to pursue new residencies as a platform to push his craft forward. On top of that, DJ Prodigee is also planning to focus more on his own productions and releasing new tracks for his ever-growing fan base, while looking forward to collaborating with other artists. He’s on the fast-track to becoming a world-renowned DJ and music producer, and with his progressive life philosophy that music has the power to bring change to the world, there is no doubt that he will succeed.


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