Young Switch: MizFitz Radio’s July Featured Artist

Written by on Mon Jul, 2019

Louisiana is home to many accredited artists like Lil Boosie, Juvenile and Kevin Gates. Louisiana is also equally home to talented independent artists like this month’s featured Mizfit, Young Switch. More specifically, he grew up on Cedar Grove in Shreveport. Church, as well as the streets of Louisiana, were major influences for Switch when it comes to singing. “I’ve always been around it. My mama and little sister sing too and I was always able to sing r&b.” Young Switch has spent 10-11 years writing music. Not only does he have an ear for dissecting music but Switch can also play the saxophone and drums. “I started recording at 13. My album Demo 21 was released in 2016 and Demo 22 was released in 2018.” As it pertains to musical influences, Young Switch gives praise to Hurricane Chris, Lil Wayne, K-Ci & JoJo, Beyonce, Faith Evans, R. Kelly, Chris Brown and Michael Jackson.

“I do r&b and rap. I’m very versatile and I was a rapper first before I started singing.” When asking about his ideal collaboration, he shared “ I want to work with the greats of the music industry”. Switch has paid homage to other artists by recording covers and sampling songs into his own music. Singles like “Stay Strong” or “Trip” unveil his artistic capabilities. However, tracks like “Street Love” and “Making Love”  accentuate his own twist on r&b music. When it comes to writing his own material, Switch draws from a realistic point of view. “My music comes from a real place and it’s about empowering women in a non-derogatory way. All of my music is personal and doesn’t glorify the fake.”  Switch has accumulated many fans and has met plenty of people. His rising success has even placed him performing in Houston (one of his most favored venues), sharing a stage with Jacquees. When inquiring about what keeps him focused and grounded to his music, he humbly spoke about staying in touch with God. “Don’t stop believing and love what you’re doing.”  

In the future to come, Switch wants his music to go through a Nipsey Hussle process. “I want to motivate others and to continue to spread the love…to be able to do and take care of my people without getting wrapped up in the material stuff. I’m passionate, aggressive, and good at not giving up.” You can even expect more music videos and singles from his new album Demo 23 that will drop by the end of the summer or beginning of fall.  The conversation soon took a fascinating turn when the origins of his stage name were revealed. Switch laughed before explaining.  “When I was younger I would get in trouble and get whipped with a switch.” Hence the name, Young Switch. Although Switch is an independent artist, he is under the same management as Big K.R.I.T. “If I could be signed by any record label then I would choose Motown Records.  For aspiring artists and creatives, Young Switch advises that “you don’t let the internet trip you up.” Keep your eyes and ears open for him on these platforms:

Youtube – Young Switch

Facebook – Young Switch

Instagram – @YoungSwitch

Email [email protected]

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