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Written by on Mon Oct, 2018

What is Spotify’s New Playlist Submission Feature

Back in July, Spotify announced via their blog, that they were in beta testing of a new service that allows artists to submit unreleased music directly to Spotify’s editorial teams for playlist consideration. Read more on that here “Share New Music for Playlist Consideration”. Well now this service is officially out of beta and is now available through Spotify for Artists for artists or the Spotify Analytics for record labels.

What are Spotify’s Editorial Playlists

According to Spotify, there are two types of playlists you can get on, those being editorial and algorithmic playlists. Editorial playlists are playlist created by editorial team at Spotify. They are specifically curated for the overall audience base. Some examples mentioned are Rap Caviar, Metropolis, and Butter to name a few as well as the other playlist for specific genres, moods, vibes, and activities. The team of editors place tracks into playlists based on what the audience of that playlist is listening to and are constantly tweaking the playlists. One of the best ways to get on these bigger playlists is by moving up from the smaller playlists. Artists can do this by getting on the smaller playlists. If you make a mark on the smaller playlists, the editors may take notice and place you into the bigger playlists.

What are Spotify’s Algorithmic Playlists

When it comes to Algorithmic playlists, they are specific to the individual listener. Each playlist is created by an algorithm based on the listeners individual’s listening habits. Some examples that Spotify state are Time Capsule, Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes, and Release Radar playlists. How this works is the algorithm pays attention to the listeners’ listening habits and create a playlist filled with content based on that. Everything your listeners do dictates what is placed on their personalized playlists. What songs your listeners listen to, like, share, or skip are all data points for Spotify to use to curate a custom list for your audience.

According to Spotify, half of the discoveries on their platform comes from there programming. In other words, half new music is being discovered of their platform is being done so through their Editorial Playlists. Spotify boast that no artist is able to pay for plays on their playlist and if anyone is offering you a spot on a Spotify playlist for money, it’s likely a scam. They recommend getting them your music as far out as possible with a minimum of 7 days in order to possibly be placed in a playlist. When submitting music, it’s important to have your music properly tagged as it allows the Spotify editors and algorithm to properly place your track in the proper playlist. There is no guarantee that your tracks will end up on one of the editorial playlists says Spotify. Although they state that the algorithm is designed to deliver your music to your followers the week it’s released. Once featured on a playlist, it’s really important to share and get the word out about you being featured on a playlist.

For more information on Spotify’s New Playlist Submission feature, you can read the complete article here: Learn How to Get Playlisted with Two New Game Plan Episodes

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