Southern Fried Poetry Festival Nerd Slam

Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center (Headquarters Library) [Fayetteville]

Event info
Date: Fri Jun, 2019
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center (Headquarters Library)
Address: 300 Maiden Lane Fayetteville

2019 Southern Fried Poetry Festival Nerd Slam

1. The Nerd Slam is a competition in which participants will be judged based on their “Nerd” specialty (i.e. Anime, Video Games, Comic Books, Fantasy Novels, etc). The more specific the specialty, the better for the judges

2. There will be a panel of 3 judges who all have qualities to judge based on their knowledge in “Nerdism.”

3. The participant will be asked a series of questions based on their specialty. Best 2 out of three wins and advances. If there is a tie, the host will asked a random Nerd question on something that EVERY nerd should be knowledgeable on to advance a winner

4. Depending on the number of participants, they will be broken down into a bracket style competition (Think March Madness or any type of playoff to determine a winner)

The last 2 remaining poets will then have to do a Nerd poem and the winner will be decided by the panel.

There WILL be an open mic going on between rounds so if you are not a competitor, you can still sign up for the open mic.

Hosted By : El’Ja Bowens
Soundtrack provided by: DJ Prodigee

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