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It’s a new month and that means a new featured artist for Mizfitz Radio. We had the chance to chat with Dre Murro, an artist out of Durham, North Carolina. He captivates his audience through sensual, seductive and melodic music. His visuals are just as equally alluring creating steamy scenarios or chill vibes. Murro freely opened up about his hometown, passion, and adversity faced while being an artist at the young age of 23. “I lived in Grainville County. That’s where I grew up and spent a lot of time as a kid.” Murro has been involved in music for as long as he can remember. He started singing at the age of two. “That’s what they tell me. My mom always maintained that I started singing before I could talk so I really don’t have an exact age but let’s just say I’ve been singing forever.” With such a talent at a young age, it’s easy for an artist to find their own sound. “I think the fact that I was taught to sing gave me that vibe so over the years I always continued to sing on my own in the crib whether it was to the radio or my own song. I just continued to build on it. Starting early definitely helped me find my sound.” 

Murro has a giant repertoire of performances. However, his most memorable was at the PNC Arena for the Women’s Empowerment Conference in 2017. “That was my biggest stage and it was monumental for me especially because it was in Raleigh, NC. Going to school there, growing up and having family around that area and then to pop out during a set on an arena stage… it was amazing. I’ll never forget that moment and I’m ready to do it again, to be honest.” He has a lot of experience in performance and even reenacts certain artists on stages such as Usher, DeAngelo and David Ruffin. Artists known for r&b and soul has had a large impact on Dre Murro’s music although he started singing in church. “I think that historically r&b is just feeling-oriented even if you’re singing about love. I think r&b was just natural for me because I started making songs by changing my poetry into songs.” Murro emphasized that feelings turn into r&b music. He writes 100% of his music that his uncle encouraged him to channel through his poetry. “I was really into reading books and literature when I was growing up so poetry was just natural for me. It was easy so changing them into songs were just the next step.”

His writing material stems from real-life experiences and conversations with friends or family. He even allows his mind to wander into the future and how he would act within a marriage. It allows him to write content without being boxed in. “ I hear a track and the lyrics just come to me. I like to listen to music and let it guide my pen. The track “Her” is sampled from “I Wish” by Carl Thomas. Murro vibed with the beat that was sent by a producer and decided to incorporate the original song within the hook. When asking Murro about being independent, he preaches about being able to translate his passions into music. “Until I come across the right people that sit down with me in a meeting and understand my passion I’m cool and I’ll keep it moving. As long as people get my music, I don’t see the point in not being independent. I can stay independent as long as people continue to support me. I don’t understand how somebody can have no control over their art.” 

Murro understands the struggle that can come behind being an independent artist. He shows no fear in being able to build his own foundation the way that he intends to do. When mainstream and independent mix, you get a track with Dre Murro and Young Dolph. “The track with Young Dolph came when I met with my ex-manager. This was a couple of years ago, I met my ex-manager at the BET awards in 2017. He basically told me that he believed in my work.  I went to Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta for a week or two and busted out about 10-12 songs. The last song I did took me about 15 minutes to record and write on the spot. He sent it over to Dolph and his manager loved it. He pulled up to Patchwerk that next week, went right in the booth and freestyled it. He came out and said it was a hit. So I’ve been pushing it ever since.” Tracks like “Know U Know” can make room for more dope collaborations in the future. Murro previously stated that Usher is one of his biggest influencers and it’s a no brainer that he would want to collaborate with him. “ I would love to work with people to really work with them. I’m not into the looks and flash of working with someone because their known. I really like to work with musically talented people. Murro wants to continue to connect with people. He went from 4,500 to 12,000 followers in about 4-5 months based on connecting with every person that reached out to him. For Murro, staying humble and grounded isn’t an issue because music is his purpose and it allows him to touch people. 

As it pertains to future projects, Murro has dropped a single entitled “You Make Me” aside from his cover of “Girls Need Love”. “I should be dropping another EP on August 22nd, which is also my birthday. I’ll be dropping singles and visuals until then.” The last visual Murro shot was with a group of students from the Savannah College of Art and Design. They reached out to him and said they loved his music and wanted to shoot a video for a class. In other shoots, the vibe of the song determines the concept of his videos. “ My favorite type of r&b is the r&b that is heavily hip hop but has that melody to it.” He loves all types of music and could eventually reach out to other genres.

For aspiring artists, Dre Murro encourages research. “People will tell you all types of things in this industry. They’ll tell you what they think they know when they haven’t even researched or put forth the work and effort towards confirming that it’s a fact. You’ll wear yourself out in this industry if you don’t have your own knowledge.” Murro sees himself with a Grammy or a nomination in five years. Every artist thinks about having that top-notch acclaim and he wants his music to be heard and listened to by everyone on an everyday basis. 

A little known fact about Dre Murro is how he created his stage name. His first stage name was Dre Rhymes. “Everyone would ask if it was like Trey Songz and that would get on my nerves so I had to change it. My name had to be something that wouldn’t pop up on google. I combined my father’s and mother’s last names and came up with Murro. Picking a stage name hasn’t been the hardest struggle Dre Murro has had to face while becoming an artist. Being the kid that is only into music while parents want you to be into something that will provide stability is challenging. “ My biggest form of adversity was tackling bad business within my family. I just had to grapple it, deal with it and figure out how I was going to get back on my feet.” Murro explained that the people really helped him to get back on his feet. The source of outpouring love was unclear to him at first but he eventually gave all of the credit to God. His amount of success, level-headedness and professionalism are commendable. 

He owns his own label imprint called 9INE Records. His music is available on all music streaming services. Check out more of Dre Murro at: 

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