Are you a business owner or brand looking to connect your business to thousands of listeners? With broadcast, you can reach millions of your loyal followers exactly where they are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Radio advertisement can get you in front of the most customers far faster than any other medium, with a better return on investment. Let us know how we can help you reach those customers at or heading over to our contact page and dropping us a message.

MizFitz Radio Partnership Option

Limited to only 10 partners & one campaign at a time

Ad Production

  • A custom ad will be created to your specifications. 

Recurring Ad Rotation

  • Your ad will be placed in constant rotation for the duration of the subscription. 

Recognition on MizFitz Radio Website as a station sponsor (Exclusive only to Station Sponsors)

  • 1. Their personal branded MizFitz Radio webpage showcasing their business with backlinks to their website
  • 2. Logo with a direct link to their business’s website. 


  • 15 Sec:  $300 Monthly
  • 30 Sec: $450Monthly
  • 60 Sec: $600 Monthly

Prime Time Advertisement Slots

Prime time slots are times where you will receive the most impressions for your ad. Prime time slots are usually as follows: Breakfast Rush – 6am – 10am, Lunchtime Rush – 11am – 1pm, or After-work rush – 4pm – 6pm. Prime time slots are for those companies who are trying to present their brand to the widest customer base possible. (Note: Price of on-air slot does not include production costs of ad.)

  • 15 sec on-air ad: $50.00 per run
  • 30 sec on-air ad: $75.00 per run
  • 60 sec on-air ad: $100.00 per run

Non-Prime Time Advertisement Slots

Non-prime time slots generally are during times of decreased motor traffic, but usually have a great customer reach due to shows with great listener base. Non-prime time slots are better suited for those looking for a more budget friendly package along with the ability to reach hundreds to thousands of loyal customers. (Note: Price of on-air slot does not include production costs of ad.)

  • 15 sec on air ad: $25.00 per run
  • 30 sec on air ad: $50.00 per run
  • 60 sec on air ad: $75.00 per run


Radio Ad Production

Let us create an ad for your brand to entice your target audience. We have voice actors and producers that can give your ad the sound you need to convert our audience into potential customers. Contact us today and let us come up with an ad for you.

15 Sec Ad

  • Fully Produced: $200
  • Dry: $175

30 Sec Ad

  • Fully Produced: $250
  • Dry: $225

60 Sec Ad

  • Fully Produced: $300
  • Dry: $275

Social Media Video Advertisement

30 Sec Video: $250

45 Sec Video: $300

60 Sec Video: $350

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