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Written by on Mon Jan, 2019

Many entertainers are received as a double, triple and even quadruple threat. However, independent artist, Ant Agurz is raising some serious clout mastering the art of singing and rapping while dancing. We had a chance to chat with Agurz about his personal background, musical influences as well as his current and future projects.

Agurz is an independent artist based out of Raleigh, NC . Asking Agurz about his childhood and musical influences seemed to ignite his story right away. “I grew up watching my favorite artists on television”. We talked about his past aspirations of emulating artists such as Bow Wow, B2K, Usher and Chris Brown. Agurz explained that he began rapping at the age of 10 on cassette tapes. “ I had hopes of recording a demo that could be heard by Rap Mogul, Jay Z especially during the Best of Both Worlds tour”. He was also proud to express that by the age of 14, he taught himself how to produce his own beats and become a lyricist while writing his own material. “Dancing especially became more consistent for me after Usher’s “Caught Up” music video. Chris Brown videos always caught the attention of girls”. He began reminiscing about gaining attention and feedback when he started his own Youtube channel recording videos of himself dancing.

As the conversation shifted towards his alma mater Fayetteville State University, Agurz stressed that education is important but so are your dreams. “ I didn’t want college to stop my dreams.” He proved his narrative attainable with his record of consistent posts and promotions on Instagram. He recalled when his videos first gained the attention of hip hop artists Cassidy, Lil Mama and Souija Boi. “Soujia Boi’s manager reached out after seeing my videos and I used that to cross promote”. Agurz stated that he hoped the buildup of his following and uploaded snippets of music that he produced would result in grounded feedback.

It was clear that Agurz was proud of his projects as he recalled his first full song entitled “You’re My Type” that can be found on YouTube and Soundcloud. He followed this up with the release of his second track “No Worries” and his third single titled “She Don’t Love Me” Feat. Josh Whitfield. In case you weren’t aware all of these singles are all accompanied by music videos distributed and released through Vevo. “ I’ve recently been signed to Bentley Records who is also partnered with Universal Records and Warner Music.” “I’m currently working on my fourth album dedicated to a friend I lost in a car accident”.

When asking Agurz about what keeps him grounded in the entertainment industry, he stresses “ I was raised to be humble by my mom, stepdad and grandparents”. “ Don’t give up on what makes you happy.” “ You must have an infinite grind and go through trial and error”. He strives in his professionalism as he continues performing at shows and connecting with his much loved fans . You can find more of his music and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, Apple music or any streaming platform. He also has merchandise available to order at antagurz.com. Make sure you check out his newly released single featuring Soulja Boy called “Flexin.”

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You may have to take 3,4,5,6 or 7 different avenues before you find your pocket.

-Ant Agurz

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