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Music has always been a passion for L. Mason. From a young age, he would dissect songs and break down lyrics. His love for lyrics lead him to learn how to compose songs and learn various instruments. While in high school, he would compose songs for his high school band and continued to do so through out his life.

Straight out of high school, Mason joined the U.S. Army. During his travels around the world, he learned that music is truly universal. A language we all can come together and enjoy. Whether it be K-Pop in South Korea, Afro-Beat in Uganda, or the unique brand of R&B that was emerging from the UK, it all made sense to him. While in Belgium, Mason began recording with some of his close friends and learn to produce and engineer. However, life in the Army doesn’t always allow the time to pursue musically fully, but his love for all music never died. After retiring from the military he became increasingly frustrated with the state of hip hop so he began looking for inspiration in independent artists.

After searching the web for independent artist, he found inspiration much closer to home than he ever thought he would. His long time friend and former music collaborator, Michael Allen dropped his debut album independently. As a favor for Michael he wrote his first review. After years of loving music and months of looking for a way back to it, he found his voice in words. Mason has created an online community of people that are looking for music that is creative and passionate, as well as original content from upcoming artists. 

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