Kayra Perez / Editor-In-Chief

Kayra Perez, was born and raised in Hickory, North Carolina. Throughout her primary education, she was heavily involved in theatre arts. She’s been in over ten theatrical productions and also dipped into the role of being a student director. This experienced allowed her to find and develop her skills as a writer, where she was asked to create original pieces for various theatrical performances. Subsequently, Kayra would fall further in love with writing and literature after she participated in Poetry Out Loud, a school wide competition that challenged students to recite poetry.

During her time at Fayetteville State University, Kayra graduated with honors with a BA in Mass Communications.  She further evolved from an amateur writer to more of an eclectic journalist. She began exploring other journalistic avenues by working as photographer, news reporter and on-air personality. As a photographer, she was granted the ability to capture the essence of the student-ran radio station at events and live shows while personalities engaged on-air. As a broadcaster over a course of three years, she encountered numerous artists, performers, photographers, entrepreneurs and community leaders that greatly impacted not only Fayetteville, North Carolina but surrounding communities. This inspired her to get more involved in her public surroundings. As a news reporter, Ms. Perez also became more aware of events happening not just in her own community but globally as well. As she researched and reported stories, she fell in love with strengthening her abilities to communicate with her global audience. As a result, in her senior year, Kayra was appointed the position of Assistant Program Director at Bronco-iRadio.com, the student ran radio station at Fayetteville State University. This position gave her the additional responsibility of overseeing the day to day operations at Bronco-iRadio.com which also included managing staff.

Post-graduation, Kayra was approached by, Joeryll Irchirl, the owner of MizFitz Radio, an independent, urban online radio station, with an opportunity to function as the station’s Editor in Chief. She hopes to shine recognition on independent artists from all musical genres and backgrounds. Along with her team, she also aims to open up her audience to the misfits of the music world.  

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