From the guts of Virginia Beach stands Virginia's own DJ Prodigy. Making a name for himself in the Industry, through his talented ear for music, this up-and-comer is molding his career right before your eyes. Prodigy has honed the basics and perfected the essential techniques of Cueing, Equalization, Slip-Querying, Audio Mixing, & Manipulation of sound sources. His musical selections include a wide range of Genre's, from Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall, to Billboard Top 40; he's guaranteed to keep the party going. As a co-partner of FlashyEmpire, Urban Fashion and Entertainment, a company compiled of various DJ's, artists, and entertainers who aspire to get into the industry; DJ Prodigy is not just your regular entertainer, he is a Top Selector. In addition to being a successful DJ, Prodigy's relentless drive and customer satisfying mentality is gaining him the exposure and popularity that many only dream of. The mission that lies within him is to become notorious for his many skills, accomplishments, and most of all, his motivation to reach all audiences across the world through music.

Choy Alexander (DJ Rasta) is an open format international DJ with a strong Caribbean background known for his unique style of infusing multiple genres of music into one seamless blend. His passion and love for music has kept it deeply embedded in his heart allowing him the ability to showcase his talent by relentlessly rocking parties and events.

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