Prodigee is an open format DJ who proudly sports 8 years of experience under his belt, and with over 20 years of being a musician, DJ Prodigee has developed a great sense of dynamism in his sound. This entails a distinct ability to mix a diverse range of tracks that are tactfully selected to suit any given moment or event. With confidence, his mixes take the party goer on a roller coaster of timeless emotions, via an electrifying dance floor journey of exciting peaks and deep, cerebral lows.

Smoove J has a passion for creatively mixing and blending Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic Dance Music and other genres that touch, move, and take people on a musical journey. He is not limited to just djing events, he is an audio engineer who has co-produced an album, creates sound designs for video and creates promotional video for local businesses. Smoove J's talent and outgoing personality has helped him develop a reputation for creating memorable moments internationally, being one of the top premier dj’s for Influential A.E., a entertainment company in the United Arab Emirates! His style sets him apart from the rest which allows him to be apart of every occasion, from military events and weddings to nightclub events. Smoove J has been apart of some of San Diego's most happening nightlife establishments like F6ix, Bar Dynamite, Club Fuego, Bridges Bar & Grill, Chico Club, Club Alibi and is the headliner at Nara Ultra Lounge one of San Diego’s top lounges.

Choy Alexander (DJ Rasta) is an open format international DJ with a strong Caribbean background known for his unique style of infusing multiple genres of music into one seamless blend. His passion and love for music has kept it deeply embedded in his heart allowing him the ability to showcase his talent by relentlessly rocking parties and events.

DJ Special J has always had a major love and passion for Hip Hop. When he was younger he would sing along with all the latest songs, as most children do, and was big into hip-hop dancing throughout high school. He has a big appreciation and small talent in graffiti art. It was when he met his longtime friend Misfit Tone, Antonio Bennet, that he had is first exposure to the art of djing.

  Ryan Boyd (DJ Bangz214) Has always had the love and passion for Music. Growing up he always wanted to do something that involved Music while growing up in Dallas, TX. In 2015, The opportunity of Djing came his way in Doha, Qatar and has been his lover ever since. He is an open format […]

Music has always been a passion for L. Mason. From a young age, he would dissect songs and break down lyrics. His love for lyrics lead him to learn how to compose songs and learn various instruments. While in high school, he would compose songs for his high school band and continued to do so […]

Ryan Verneuille is the co-founder and host of "The Ryan Show" which he launched in 2015 on the East End of Long Island. "The Ryan Show" started as a weekly comedy podcast hosted at Yama-Q in Bridgehamptopn, New York. Ryan and his childhood friend Dave Locascio, commonly known as Hamptons Dave, co-hosted the groundbreaking show, incorporating live streaming on social medial networks; quickly becoming known as the local "shock jock comedy" show.

Who is DJ Kuya Eric? Kuya Eric is a culmination of his experience and tenure in the nightlife scene of San Diego, California. A graduation of being the little brother trying to make a name for himself, until finally becoming the big brother everyone begins to know and slowly admire. Kuya Eric has been relentless […]

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