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Michael Alln Love Gone Trend

R&B culture has been pillaged by artist that seem to think a catchy melody and auto-tune makes their music the best thing since sliced bread and expect us to accept it. Then comes Michael ALLN. With his fresh take on R&B, he has cultivated a style that is catchy enough for the younger generation to vibe and dance to. However, this project still has the foundation that is traditional enough for a generation that has been steeped in the likes of D’angelo, Bilal, Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill can appreciate all the same

Love Begins

The Intro (LOVE) of this album is my personal favorite. It’s slow tempo builds to a powerful ending layered with electric guitars, organs and pianos to open the album. Lyrically, Michael makes himself vulnerable from the jump with the phrase “I surrender it all to you babe…”. A vulnerability that we don’t typically find in artist that have come out in recent years. The song continues and almost feels as if he is asking for permission to love and be loved. 

“Air” is what I would consider to be the crown jewel of this album. It has pretty much everything that you could ask for. If you are pregaming for a night out, ready to step on the dancefloor, or just trying to wind down after a night out, this track has the ability to fit all the moods. The airy chords and subtle dancehall drumbeat is invigorating, refreshing, and relaxing all at the same damn time. Everyone will enjoy this one.

“Right” in a word…CRAZY. The song plays tricks on the ear in a good way. Because it is arranged in a ¾ time signature it is both an upbeat as well as a laid back track. Lyrically, while the song is highly sexual, he is being straightforward without being overly vulgar.  However, lets be honest…its a song written, produced and engineered for sex. Some vulgarity is needed. I do take issue with how short this song is. Just as you are getting into it completely, the drums fade and it leaves you lingering with an airy 80’s pad. Maybe we will get lucky and he will release an extended version.   

Love Ends

 “Love Ends” is flat out a dope track. Totally different from the rest of the album, it’s trap banger. Michael is airing his grievances with people that changed up on him overtime and reminding those that stayed in his corner that he has not forgotten about them. This also serves as a reminder that Michael is not just an R&B crooner. He is still a well versed, lyrical MC. Don’t sleep.

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of listening to this album. It is emotional, vulnerable, and fun. To me the most important part of this album are the interludes where it is just him and Keely talking about thier relationship. Those small conversations tie the album together to give you an insight, not just into their relationship, but also to the state of mind that Michael was in during his creative process. With music like this, there is no doubt that #LOVEGONETREND.


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