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SchizoPhrenic Christian Radio Show

Amariche Hawkins a native of Los Angeles, Ca now resides in Fayetteville NC.

Amariche aka “Hawk” as he is affectionately known on the radio first got started in podcasting by being a recurring guest on The Nifty Christian Radio Show while driving 18-wheeler trucks across the country (2007). He would call into the show so often that the hosts of the podcast asked if he would contribute a recurring segment that allowed Hawk to exercise his gift in ministering and expounding on Christian principles with a practical approach to life.

In 2015 while attending Fayetteville State University he was hired as the Program Director for the student radio station where he also co-hosted a weekend political show with three other people called iThink.

Upon graduation in 2016, he majored in Communications and promptly was hired for a local AM news station WFNC as co-host and show producer for “Good Morning Fayetteville”.

Upon leaving that Job, Hawk realized that his passion was for CHH (Christian Hip Hop) and wanted his own voice in the culture that articulated what he found to be dope, relevant and needed for a community of believers. He found that voice by starting two podcasts, the first was “The Schizophrenic Christian Hip Hop Show” and the second show was with his wife of 13 years, “The Hawk and Bel Podcast.”

Hawk still enjoys creating content that is uplifting and educational. He has created a lane for all age demographics to come together and share good music while nurturing the soul.

Hawk is also a licensed minister and an Assistant Pastor for The Tabernacle of Miracles Church, where he volunteers as a Youth pastor, a Social Media guru, and resident photographer.

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