Are you a business owner looking to connect your business to thousands of listeners? With broadcast, you can reach millions of your loyal followers exactly where they are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Radio advertisement can get you in front of the most customers sooner than any other medium, with a better return on investment. Let us know how we can help you reach those customers at or going over to our contact page and dropping us a message.

MizFitz Radio Sponsorship Option

Limited to only 10 Sponsors
Limited to only one campaign at a time
  • 30 Sec Ad Production
    • A 30 second add will be created to the specifications of the client. i.e. the message they are trying to portray to their customers, the sound and feel of the ad. 
  • 30 Sec ad slot
    • 30 second add in constant rotation for the duration of the subscription. 
  • Recognition on MizFitz Radio Website as a station sponsor (Exclusive only to Station Sponsors)
    • 1. Their personal branded MizFitz Radio webpage showcasing their business with backlinks to their website
    • 2. Logo with a direct link to their business’s website. 
  • 30 Sec Social Media Video Production
    • Your Radio ad will be converted to a social media video of the same length and shared to be shared across our social media platforms. 
  • Social Media Video Marketing
    • Your social media video will be marketed to the growing social media audience while targeting your specific audience. 
  • Price:
    • 30 Sec: $450 per month
    • 45 Sec: $600 per month
    • 60 Sec: $750per month

Prime Time Slots

Prime time slots are times where you will receive the most impressions for your ad. Prime time slots are usually as follows: Breakfast Rush – 6am – 10am, Lunchtime Rush – 11am – 1pm, or After-work rush – 4pm – 6pm. Prime time slots are for those companies who are trying to present their brand to the widest customer base possible. (Note: Price of on-air slot does not include production costs of ad.)

30 sec on-air ad: $75.00 per run

45 sec on-air ad: $100.00 per run

60 sec on-air ad: $125.00 per run

Non-Prime Time Slots

Non-prime time slots generally are during times of decreased motor traffic, but usually have a great customer reach due to shows with great listener base. Non-prime time slots are better suited for those looking for a more budget friendly package along with the ability to reach hundreds to thousands of loyal customers. (Note: Price of on-air slot does not include production costs of ad.)

30 sec on air ad: $25.00 per run

45 sec on air ad: $50.00 per run

60 sec on air ad: $75.00 per run


Radio Ad Production

15 Sec ad: $100

30 Sec ad: $150

45 Sec ad: $200

60 Sec ad: $250

Social Media Video Creation

30 Sec Video: $250

45 Sec Video: $300

60 Sec Video: $350

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